Monday, April 12, 2010


Alec's confirmation class graduated today. It was a wonderful ceremony with six baptisms among the class of 33 kids. We are so proud of him and what he has accomplished throughout this journey. He has learned so much and appears to be stronger in his love of Christ.

During the service they showed a video on the jumbo screen of different things the kids said in their interviews about "faith." Lots of kids were saying things like "Having faith is like believing in God" and "Faith is important because it's what stays with you for life."

Then there was Alec's big head on the jumbo-tron and he says, "Faith is important for everybody, not just me." Then he scratches an itch on his nose and says, "I mean, cuz what kind of crazy person would be crucified on a cross for nothing?!" That was funny.

But before his interview even started, Alec could be seen sitting on the stool eating a doughnut. He held his hand up and said with a full mouth, "Hang on, I haven't had my 4,000 calories yet today." I just nodded my head and thought - yep, that's my kid!

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